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Your dream companion awaits! Create your AI Girlfriend, shape her look, personality, and bring her to life in one click. 100% powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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Candy Ai is the best AI Girlfriend App with the following features enabled.

AI Girlfriend

Tap into OpenAI's API magic to make your movie ideas real. Just tell Sora what you're thinking, and watch your story come to life.


We've got the hard stuff covered. Relax while Sora turns your thoughts into movies that grab everyone's attention.


Save your movie with one click, so it's always there when you want to show it off or watch it again.

Uncensored NSFW Chat

Show off your movies in your own special space, ready to impress anyone who sees them. Or keep them just for you, nice and private.

What is Candy AI?

candyai homepage image.jpg is not just another AI chatbot platform; it’s a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of AI-driven companionship. At its core, is designed to simulate genuine human interactions, offering users the chance to engage with virtual companions that are almost indistinguishable from real human beings in terms of conversation quality. These AI companions are crafted meticulously, ensuring that each interaction feels authentic, deep, and meaningful. Whether you’re seeking a casual chat, a deep conversation, or an exciting role-playing journey, promises an experience that transcends the typical boundaries of digital communication.

How does Candy AI Works?

Diverse AI Characters

You’re not stuck with just one type of chat friend. lets you pick from many AI pals, each with their own special way of talking, life story, and interests.

Smart AI Algorithms uses smart tech to quickly understand what you say, think about it, and come back with replies that make sense, fit the conversation, and keep things interesting.

Best At Personalisation

With, you can do more than just talk. You can dive into stories and play out different roles together. It’s perfect for when you want to try out new stories or just change up the usual chat.

Features Of

Realistic and Anime Character Designs

Catering to diverse preferences, offers both lifelike and anime-style character models, allowing you to choose your AI companion's visual style.


Dive into chats that feel real, thrilling, and deeply fulfilling, mimicking genuine human interaction.


Shape your AI boyfriend's look and character to match your exact preferences, making him uniquely yours.

Unmatched Privacy Protection

With, your private moments stay private, thanks to robust security measures and a strict policy against sharing your conversations.

AI Characters

Explore an extensive collection of NSFW AI characters, each with unique personalities and stories, from manga enthusiasts to lifestyle influencers, ensuring every interaction is new and exciting.

User-Driven Feedback System ensures a seamless experience by aligning its image, voice, and chat AI for uniformity in appearance, sound, and character traits.

Candy Ai Pricing

Candy AI Offers Free & Paid Subscription Services

How to Start Chatting NSFW with Candy AI?

Step 1: Sign Up Begin your adventure with Candy AI by creating an account. Go to our website and hit the “Sign Up” button. Fill in basic info like your name, email, and a password. You’ll get an email to confirm your account, so just click the link inside to verify.

Step 2: Check Out the Dashboard After you verify your account, log in and take a look around the Candy AI dashboard. Get familiar with where everything is – this is your control center for making new stuff.

Step 3: Start a New Project Ready to dive in? Click “New Project” to get going. Give your project a name, pick the language you want to use, and set how long you want your content to be. Then, decide how much help you want from AI and click “Create Project.”

Step 4: Choose Your Topic Now, type in what you want to talk about or a keyword into the box and hit “Generate Content.” Candy AI will quickly come up with a structured outline for you.

Step 5: Make It Yours Here’s where you can really make the content your own. Change up the outline Candy AI made, add or take away parts, move things around, and use AI tips to make your article even better. Keep tweaking until it’s just right.

Step 6: Final Checks Before you’re all done, go over your work carefully. Look for any mistakes or bits that don’t sound right, and fix them up so your final piece is smooth and clear.

Step 7: Download or Share All set? Now you can either download your work in different formats like PDF or Word, or you can share it straight away using Candy AI’s connections to popular blogging sites.


  1. Can create you own ai friend
  2. Realistic chats
  3. Personal Talks
  4. See Your AI
  5. Go at Your Own Pace
  6. Safe and Secure


  1. Emotional Limits
  2. Lack of Emotional Depth
  3. Addiction

Is Candy Ai Safe To Use?

Data Encryption:

Every conversation you have on this platform is kept under wraps through encryption, making sure that what you share stays just between you and the AI, safeguarding your chat history and personal details.

Security Practices:

To keep your experience worry-free, the platform has put in place robust security practices, including options for secure sign-ins and conducting frequent checks on its security systems, ensuring your safety at every step.

User Caution:

Given the platform’s open nature for adult content, it’s important for you to use caution. Remember, even though the AI can mimic human interaction, it’s not a real person. It’s wise to keep very personal info to yourself.


Yes, Candy.AI is a secured chatbot, it prioritizes your security, utilizing advanced data protection methods to safeguard your chats, including any photos and voice messages you share.

The main focus of is to offer deep and engaging AI-driven relationships, ensuring users can find a virtual companion for meaningful and intimate connections.

Candy.AI adheres to stringent privacy protocols, guaranteeing that your interactions and personal information are never disclosed to outside parties.